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Lampo Leong

Cultural Connections

Lampo Leong, Associate Professor, Art, UM Columbia

Brush in hand, Lampo Leong carefully dips the pointed tip into a small pool of jet black ink. He quickly moves the ink-laden brush towards the dry rice-paper on the table, a thin, tan sheet held down at the edges by paperweights. A brief pause, and then Leong dashes the brush to the paper, the tip and side jumping and dancing across the sheet with intense, determined movements. As the brush reaches the end of the paper, Leong steps back, sets it down, and clasps his hands together. “This is cursive Chinese calligraphy,” he explains.

Without the support of the UMRB grant, it would not have been possible to create such sophisticated multimedia work.

Ganesh Thiagarajan

Ganesh Thiagarajan, UM Kansas City

Anne Maglia

Anne Maglia, Missouri S&T

Sylvia Cook

Sylvia Cook, UM St. Louis