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Miles Patterson

The Power of Nonverbal Communication

An interview with Miles Patterson, Professor, Psychology, UM St. Louis

As you walk down the street and are about to pass a fellow pedestrian, what is your first reaction? Do you completely ignore the pedestrian, or do you glance over and offer a smile or a “hello?” Miles Patterson, a University of Missouri-St. Louis professor of psychology, has spent much of his life studying scenarios like this one while researching how nonverbal communication works.

Matthew J. Will

Comparing Candy and Cocaine

An interview with Matthew J. Will, Assistant Professor, Psychology, UM Columbia

Few people see much in common between candy and cocaine, aside from their identical first letter. Not so for Matt Will, Assistant Professor of Psychology at the University of Missouri-Columbia. Will’s current research equates our cravings for fatty, high calorie foods with serious drug abuse.

Bruce Bartholow

Alcohol and Racial Bias

An interview with Bruce Bartholow, Associate Professor, Psychology, UM Columbia

Ask Bruce Bartholow about his current research projects, and the associate professor of psychology at MU will likely direct your attention to the large whiteboard mounted on his office wall. Crowded with names of collaborators and topics ranging from alcohol and race bias to video games and aggression, this board reveals the breadth of Bartholow’s research.