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Michael Davis

Fill up the tank; we’re going to a baseball game!

An interview with Michael Davis, Associate Professor, Economics

Summertime means a car stocked with watermelon and lemonade, a seventh-inning stretch, “Take Me Out to the Ballgame,” and the crackle of fireworks after a home run. As an associate professor of economics at the Missouri University of Science and Technology, Michael Davis takes a unique approach to participating in America’s favorite pastimes of baseball and road-trips.

Mehdi Ferdowsi

On the Road

An interview with Mehdi Ferdowsi, Assistant Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering

Life’s roads often involve unexpected turns. Take the journey of Mehdi Ferdowsi, for example. A single “random selection” during his master’s work led him into the field of power electronics. Someday soon, the assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering at Missouri University of Science and Technology may well revolutionize the way we travel.

Nicholas Leventis

Chemical Curiosity

An interview with Nicholas Leventis, Professor, Chemistry

Nicholas Leventis never imagined where his youthful love of physical science would lead him. “I was ten years old when we went to the moon,” he recalls. “All these things started my interest in chemistry and physics.” Once inspired by the moon landing, the MS & T Professor of Chemistry went on to work with NASA to develop new technologies such as cross-linked aerogels.

Anne Maglia

What’s Wrong with the Frogs?

An interview with Anne Maglia, Professor, Biology

Across the globe, a mysterious epidemic is attacking the frog population, causing malformation and population decline. Though the exact cause is unknown, many scientists believe environmental components are to blame. Anne Maglia is hoping to help stop this epidemic. “These guys have been around for millions and millions of years,” she observes, “and when we see them starting to decline, we have some pretty good ideas that the environment itself is in bad shape.”

John McManus

The American Infantry Soldier

An interview with John McManus, Associate Professor, History and Political Science

“I don’t think there’s anything more that can ever be asked of people than to potentially suffer injury or lose their lives, and for what? For their country, for their comrades, for politics?” These are not remote, unknown people, says John McManus, Missouri University Science and Technology Professor of History. These are your friends, your neighbors, and your family. “It is an American story," he emphasizes, "and it is profoundly important that it gets understood and remembered.”

Joshua Rovey

Rocket Man

An interview with Joshua Rovey, Assistant Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

When “alternative energy” is mentioned, solar or wind power might be the first forms that come to mind, but Joshua Rovey’s work may add plasma to that list. The assistant professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering finds that unique qualities of plasma make it equally suited to making a better x-ray and a better space shuttle.